Our Programs

Kids Club values children as capable and competent learners who are capable of making choices and decisions that influence events and have impact on their world through play-based learning.

Our programs reflect an understanding of the diverse backgrounds of the children in our care and their families.

Our play-based learning provides children with the opportunity to:

  • Learn as they discover, create, improvise & imagine
  • Opportunity to express their personalities & uniqueness
  • Promotes curiosity & creativity
  • Assists in developing relationships
  • Supports a sense of wellbeing & promotes diversity.

Science Club

Our science club helps the children to understand the world around them, develop problem solving skills and solve practical problems.

Everything we know about the universe from how do trees grow, what makes a volcano erupt or where does rain come from comes through learning & experimenting.

The children enjoy the practical experiences and help to evaluate and create extension activities to broaden their interest and knowledge on a wide range of topics such as:

  • The natural environment
  • Space
  • The Human Body
  • Animals
  • Marine Life

Eco Club 

Our Eco Club gives the children the opportunity to discover, learn and care about the natural world around them.

Through planned and spontaneous experiences the children learn about many different aspects of the natural world such as:

  • how plants grow-growing from seedlings, fertilising, growing and eating what they’ve grown
  • where rain comes from and how to save water
  • life cycles of creatures in the garden
  • Recycling-Reduce, Reuse & Recycle plastic and the effects of pollution and plastics on our environment and the world.

Active bodies & minds

Safety is at the forefront of care.  Routine inspections ensure equipment and play areas are well maintained.  Individual requirements are understood, documented and communicated to the team. We work with relevant agencies to support the integration of children with additional needs. We provide high quality, nutritious menus for breakfast and afternoon tea and cater for culturally diverse requirements.  Accidents and injuries are immediately managed and documented.  All staff are trained in emergency response procedures.  For more detail, ask your centre co-ordinator.

Homework Club

Our Homework Club allows children to work on their homework in an environment that is quiet, supportive, safe and calm. Being in a familiar environment with educators that support their needs the children are comfortable to ask questions, talk about what they’re learning at school.

Everyone is welcome to join our Homework Club, if this is something you would be interested in please speak to our Coordinator

Trained and professional staff

Our dedicated qualified staff are committed to the care and wellbeing of our children and their families.

Through regular staff development training our Leadership Team and Educators keep up to date with the latest in education initiatives.

In a collaborative environment, all staff respect and value the diverse contributions and viewpoints of their colleagues.

Our staff share resources, provide constructive feedback and work together respectfully & professionally to create a friendly, effective work space

Health & Nutrition:

Our Menu is created in consultation with the children, their families and our staff.

We all enjoy food but want what we eat to be healthy & nutritious especially for our children.

Learning about healthy food options gives children the knowledge and support to make good food choices.

When planning our seasonal menu we refer to both The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and The Australian Dietary Guidelines which provide advice on eating for health and wellbeing and information about the types and amounts of foods, food groups and dietary patterns that aim to reduce the risk of diet-related conditions.

Cooking experiences are a fun way to learn about health and nutrition and are an important part of our program.

Through recipe planning & food preparation, the children learn about food choices, cultural differences, the value of fresh food, hygienic food preparation and the opportunity to try new foods.

Our cooking activities are fun, inclusive, educational and a great way to taste some yummy food.

Inclusion Support for children that require additional assistance.

ISS (Inclusion Support Subsidy) is a support offered to eligible children to assist in the support they require to attend child care along with their peers.

The Inclusion Support Subsidy supports our service in providing additional services and  appropriate and stimulating care for children with additional needs.

To discuss this service, speak to your centre coordinator or email the centre.


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