National Quality Framework

Our Programs are child-centred, stimulating and are opportunities to enhance and extend each child’s learning

The 'My Time, Our Place' framework for school age care in Australia guides our programming.

The NQF is a vision for children’s learning through play and leisure activities.

Our Educators collaborate with the children to provide play-based experiences that are meaningful to the children and support their wellbeing, learning and overall development

Being, Belonging, Becoming provides a foundation for linking family, community, culture and place – we acknowledge the value of these relationships and their importance in creating a sense of belonging.

The following describes how Kids Club exceeds the National Quality Standards :-


Educational Program and Practice

Our programs are planned in collaboration with our Educational Leaders, Educators, the children and their families, everyone is a meaningful contributor to our planning. Our programs enhance each child’s learning and development and maximise the opportunity to further develop their skills and interests.

Our Educational Leaders promote positive outcomes through effective educational leadership by inspiring, motivating, affirming, challenging and extending their practice and pedagogy.

Our Educators encourage and respond to the children’s ideas and suggestions and extend their learning through open-ended questions, interactions and feedback. Reflecting on each child’s learning & development whether that be on an individual basis or in a group activity drives our program planning and implementation.

Each child’s learning & development is evaluated as part of an ongoing cycle of observation, documentation, planning, implementation and continuous reflection. We share this process of planning with our families through a collaborative Mind Map, a written program and photos of children involved in experiences. We appreciate the feedback and participation of all our families within our program and welcome their ongoing support & contributions to all aspects of our service.

Our environments are inclusive, encourage independence, promote both choice & decision making but most of all are FUN.


Children’s Health & Safety

Our children’s wellbeing & safety is of the utmost importance to us

Our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Health are all equally important and all contribute to our wellbeing. As Educators it is important that we foster this in the children in our care.

For children and young people there are many things that build positive wellbeing, at Kids Club we focus on encouraging the following:

  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Promoting positive relationships
  • Experiencing a sense of accomplishment
  • Using our strengths & developing new skills
  • Be actively involved in a range of activities and experiences
  • Provide healthy & nutritious meals and snacks

Child Safety is embedded in our service, we commit to child safety and our Educators lead a child safe culture throughout the centre.

Risk Management strategies focus on preventing, identifying and mitigating risks to the children, families, staff and visitors.

Our staff comply with a code of conduct that sets clear behavioural standards towards children.

Kids Club is a Child Safe Organisation


Our Environments

First impressions matter and we all respond differently to our surroundings.

A well planned, safe and stimulating environment provides a variety of activities and experiences that support the holistic development of children and young people using both inside and outside areas and providing opportunities for learning, challenge, risk taking and social development.

Our spaces are planned and organised and adapted to support every child’s participation and to engage every child in quality experiences in both built and natural environments.

Our children enjoy the following learning environments:

  • Science Club
  • Sustainability Hub
  • All about ART
  • Readers Corner
  • Construction
  • Physical activities and team experiences
  • Kids in the Kitchen-Cooking experiences


Our Professional Educators

Our service highly values our dedicated Coordinators, Educational Leaders and Educators.

Our Educators are fully qualified, very experienced and dedicated to their roles.

We value continuity of care and know how important consistency is in a young child’s life.

Our service values continued professional learning & development with staff regularly attending staff development courses throughout the year.

Our Leadership Team and Educators work with mutual respect, work collaboratively and challenge and learn from each other, appreciating each other’s strengths and skills.

All staff adhere to professional standards which guide practice, their interactions and relationships.


Building positive relationships with children

All children need a sense of connection with others to support their identity and social and emotional wellbeing. Positive relationships help children to connect with others, build positive  friendships and support children to self-regulate their emotions.

Exploring and learning to socialise appropriately with others and to manage their feelings is a complex process. Our educational leaders, coordinators and educators take a positive, strengths-based approach to guiding the children’s behaviour which ultimately empowers the children to manage their own behaviour and develop skills needed to interact and negotiate effectively with others.

Our educators create supportive relationships with the children to develop confidence in their ability to express themselves, work through differences, engage in new experiences and take calculated risks.

As a service, we value the importance of meaningful relationships that are warm, caring and responsive and in building positive connections the children are more likely to feel a sense of security, well-being and belonging.

We encourage all children within our programs to collaborate & participate in our planning, our learning is intentional and goal directed enabling educators to build on the children’s strengths, interests, ideas and needs.


Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

The relationships with our families is built on respect, support & collaboration.

In building positive relationships through warm & friendly interactions we are able to support our families in their parenting role, work together in supporting the children and build a positive environment where everyone feels valued.

We value the collaborative partnerships we have built between our children, their parents and our educators.

In working together our programs are a balance of the expertise, culture, values & beliefs of our children, parents, extended family and staff.

Everyone is a meaningful contributor to our program.

Our effective communication enables us to always build upon our partnerships which value each other’s contributions, perspectives, knowledge and experiences.

Trust and support are at the core of our positive relationships with our families.


Effective leadership and governance 

Our qualified and experienced staff along with effective administrative & risk management systems, well documented policies & procedures and a safe and healthy learning environment enable us to achieve the best possible outcomes for children.

Effective leadership and a sense of trust and support promotes a positive working environment where everyone feels valued and creates an environment that encourages professional learning and development.

Effective evaluation and self-review enables our service to continually improve our practice, develop our policies & procedures and through an ongoing cycle of self-assessment, planning and review in collaboration with our staff, families, school & community we create a culture of continuous improvement.


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